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University 20 CAP BARE OG

Amid the lit up jungle that surrounds the campus of USC, stands a shop that I have visited many times before. During my visit at University 20 Cap, I met a young lady while smoking a nicely packed bowl of Bare OG brand flower. I offered the beautiful young woman a hit, she did and we both enjoyed it. The timing of the buzz couldn’t have been any better as we both rambled on and on about whatever came to mind. Twas a great social phenomenon that had just transpired behind a smoke out session. I’m sure the same experience was her’s as she headed out the door to catch her ride. her final feelings about the Bare OG experience was as she said, “Amazing”. More photos coming soon for the brand packaging and the flowers inside. 




  1. What shop did you get this from? Come out to the Bay area for real herb.

    • ahernandez88email

      October 19, 2019 at 3:20 am

      The shop is located by the BlueLine Santa Monica stop. Where in the bay area??, we are a group of 20 stoners that in main different locations we either smoke or search other shops around to see there strains and prices.

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