The display of Rite Greens “RG” Goodies

The Experience…

Hey TRWR Family, whats really good ????, Its Mr Lee with another fabulous review and this one was clearly a “Professionalism” type of visit (1 of 5 TRWR Star Codes). Now, I’ve heard of this shop before because we’re always cruising through LA County looking for the hottest shops (that treat patients well 😁) in SOCAL, so we can direct our “Real Ones” to the creamiest part of the crop. when i walked into the store, i was greeted by a pleasant Weed Goddess by the name of EDEN, her name fit the with her sweet and welcoming personality (TBH i was pulled in my her beauty 🥰) but i was on business and I’m always on top of my cannainvestigation work lol) This storefront is worth it to give it a try for some of the most organic brands like “Kurvana” 🌟 which i picked up at “Rite Greens” and they have the permission of TRWR to use that name because it does correlate (They have some right greens 🤣) .


This is where it gets REAL…

Now when it comes to the “TRWR CODE” this shop satisfied all areas besides the progressiveness😪, because there was minimal efforts to inquire about what I was interested in besides “ sativa or indica”. The purpose for The “TRWR CODE” is to bring comfort and confidence🙃 to the entire industry and we will go shop by shop, brand by brand and make sure our family (TRWR World) is safe and aware of the REAL and/or FAKE. To end on a high note💨.. Lmaoooo… I will definitely tell any of our “Real Ones” to check this spot out ASAP because they have cool products and nice service😍..

Only TRWR, That’s REAL

P.s. this shop also have some nice deals for REAL vapes on tuesdays