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Month: November 2019

Purple Gorilla

Yo check this out. Just pick up from Fire House. NICE BUD. Brand Name: Vali Cali Farm. I have to say the price was good and the spark was great, had some tokes that made me cough out loud. Had this share of greens with my fellas, 2Pac-O, King-Lee, West-England-Vic. All agree it was a good vibes after we had an amazing cook out. Another way to enjoy your greens is Carne Asada and Guacamole lol, for real have some. Ok your boy AH out.

Why this place…? The Jackpot

On to another journey while in the streets., we stumbled upon a mix of awesome flower buds. The Jackpot comes in again with the most greatest customer service and info regarding prices and flowers. Just check out the pictures for your self.

Mr. LEE 🕵️‍♂️ visits Rite Greens

The display of Rite Greens “RG” Goodies

The Experience…

Hey TRWR Family, whats really good ????, Its Mr Lee with another fabulous review and this one was clearly a “Professionalism” type of visit (1 of 5 TRWR Star Codes). Now, I’ve heard of this shop before because we’re always cruising through LA County looking for the hottest shops (that treat patients well 😁) in SOCAL, so we can direct our “Real Ones” to the creamiest part of the crop. when i walked into the store, i was greeted by a pleasant Weed Goddess by the name of EDEN, her name fit the with her sweet and welcoming personality (TBH i was pulled in my her beauty 🥰) but i was on business and I’m always on top of my cannainvestigation work lol) This storefront is worth it to give it a try for some of the most organic brands like “Kurvana” 🌟 which i picked up at “Rite Greens” and they have the permission of TRWR to use that name because it does correlate (They have some right greens 🤣) .


This is where it gets REAL…

Now when it comes to the “TRWR CODE” this shop satisfied all areas besides the progressiveness😪, because there was minimal efforts to inquire about what I was interested in besides “ sativa or indica”. The purpose for The “TRWR CODE” is to bring comfort and confidence🙃 to the entire industry and we will go shop by shop, brand by brand and make sure our family (TRWR World) is safe and aware of the REAL and/or FAKE. To end on a high note💨.. Lmaoooo… I will definitely tell any of our “Real Ones” to check this spot out ASAP because they have cool products and nice service😍..

Only TRWR, That’s REAL

P.s. this shop also have some nice deals for REAL vapes on tuesdays