Ayyy!!!!! whats going on TRWR fam squad its the one and only MR. Lee and I MUST bring you the most fascinating observations of cannabis known to man. (Let’s Get Deep lol )

My colleagues and I bring multiple perspectives as a whole squad, and I can at times side with the group, or stand off in my own WORLD and shout “Heeeey, This is the way I see it and thats final” (lmaoo..I’m open minded don’t judge me).


Furthermore, one of my main pleasures of having our own visions here at TRWR is that it gives us a huge opportinity to be the most influential inner circle in the entire cannabis community.


We are here to give our patients the full confidence to make the best purchase for themselves.


Another specialty of Mr. Lee is my customer service heavy priority in patient relations, we have developed a TRWR code (click here to view code) and I believe with this code we can get closer to deescalating dispensary interactions & Get This National Legalization Going (YAY!!!). – TRWR Lee


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“We go through the most to make sure our fans have the best experience every time” – Mr. Lee