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Month: June 2019

6-28-2019 – A New Spot

After an awesome event in Bell Gardens, we hit up a spot called: The Jackpot. My experience was “top-notch” with Erica and Rachel as my dope bud-tenders. The strains they recommended for me where also dope. Thanks ladies. 

I will definitely come back and have more questions regarding other buds. 

This dispensary features awesome neon style wall paintings. Perfect for the night time ambiance, come here and get your strains.


Check this shop out for awesome service and great bud. Updated:6-19-19

   So this shop (TKC) was introduced to me by a fellow TRWR member (Mr.Lee) and it has not disappointed me. The place is a little hidden so it is a bit hard to spot. But when you do find it let me tell you the peeps there are great. The price points are perfect and I would not change that at all. One of the perks of visiting this shop is that they give you a card that they stamp every single time you visit. After a certain amount of stamps, you get free weed. On another note, let me give a shout out to a beautiful female TKC budtender with eyeglasses she knows what she’s talking about when selecting these amazing strains. I usually have a great nose for finding potent and consciously aggressive weed. She somehow makes me feel like I can trust her selection by now and I can tell that she has smoked it before. If you’re the budtender im talking about and your reading this, then I hope my compliments find you well! Thank you for the A-1 quality cannabis and service! 

   I just smoked up the last of the batch I picked up at the TKC spot the other day… bomb shit. Both strains where amazing. One strain didn’t have the same sticky feeling as the other. I did say I was going to review all the strains and would provide photos plus a guide where to get these great flower buds. Hit me up at and send me your info, Ill get you the plug where to get the best strains in L.A. straight up from TRWR… Photos coming soon… Also please make sure to ask for the “KashIt Clean” when you visit TKC, if they don’t have any its because they are selling like hot cakes. 🙂 Happy smoking to you all!



Kash it Clean