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Month: May 2019

Nice Bud… Sour Skittles OG

Wow, Sour Skittles OG… I recommend that you ask at your local dispensary for this strain of weed. Take a look at the photo below for an up close and personal look at this beautiful, indical sight. Hitting it with a classic glass pipe was smooth and easy. load one of these small bowls to ignite an awesome body high. Soon enough you readers out there, will become aware that we love getting into the deep details of these amazing flower buds, and this one has me relaxed. For now, this is all I will say, I think i’ll take a nap. I feel like I must take a hit once again. Peace and Love. The location where this strain was picked up is at “University 20 Cap” in South Central Los Angeles, near the University of Southern California. 

Hello This is Art from TRWR

Hi and welcome to the official Real Weed Reviews….

I say official because we are real weed tokin’, smokin’, blunt rollin’ gentlemen. Heck, calls us what you want… The point is we smoke weed aka Marijuana. And I mean A-Lot A-Lot!, Soo much we have smoked that many of us here at TRWR have gained an ability to “tune in” on our positive energy and channel it for self-betterment and possibly even self-mastery! What can I say, ladies and gentlemen, with the new legalization movements in recent years we are still at the cusp of exploring the many uses and benefits of Medicinal Marijuana.  

   I’m here to share with you the strains I’ve smoked, would like to smoke next, which ones I personally liked, and didn’t like. I’ll smoke the weed I find from different shops, get someone else to take a hit and let them tell me what they think. Then combine my own acquired information to develop my review. If it gets us where we want then it deserves a shout out and obviously, positive review. if the weed or service is shitty and just plain out a waste of money and time, we’ll let you know that too. We are here to give it to you for real. 


Stay tuned More to come, from posts and comments, reviews, photos, comedic content, spiritual growth, community tips and much more!

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Send me pics of the buds and your input and I would gladly read it and post it on our site. Thank you for visiting The Real Weed Reviews.


Welcome to TRWR – The Real Weed Reviews

Hi and welcome to the website that will guide you to find the best cannabis dispensaries and give you a deeper look into Los Angeles.